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Yongja Kim’s Easy Guide to Korean Cooking

Spicy Asparagus - Asparagus Muchim

Spicy Asparagus

(Asparagus Muchim)

I have chosen asparagus for this recipe instead of durup, a spring vegetable. This is due to unavailability outside Korea. The texture and the scent may not be the same, but asparagus or tender stem broccoli is your best alternative.…

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Chestnuts with dates and sweet rice

Chestnuts with Dates and Sweet Rice


A common belief in Korea is that honey and dates have the power to soothe and heal the body. Since they are used in this dessert to sweeten the rice, we call it ‘medicinal food’ which is the literal translation of the word Yaksik.…

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Tasty Grilled Tofu

Tasty Grilled Tofu

(Dubu Jorim)

As I say earlier, protein-rich tofu is a big favourite in Korean cooking. It takes on many flavours and is increasingly popular with plant food enthusiasts around the world.

However the bonus is that this recipe makes the tofu, with sesame seeds and chilli, a really easy treat when time is short.…

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Golden Pepper Chicken With Onion - Golden Pepper Chicken With Onion - Dak Chim

Golden Pepper Chicken With Onion

(Dak Chim)

This is a very comforting food, lovely to look at when the depth of its colour and the flavour are intensified by the soy sauce. Use more for brown, less for golden.…

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